queen of cream

Creamy, light and delicious preparation, Chantilly cream is tasted all over the world!

But was it really invented at Chantilly? The invention of whipped cream is frequently and wrongly attributed to Vatel in 1671 in the kitchens of the Château de Chantilly. But it was actually necessary to wait for the 18th century to see the name “Chantilly” appear in cookbooks and it was not until the end of the 18th century. that we manage to locate the so-called “chantilly” cream in Chantilly thanks to the Baroness of Oberkirch, during a feast at the Hameau organized by the Prince of Condé.
Excerpt from the pamphlet Focus on whipped cream » by City of Art and History.

Whipped cream ©MSavart

Where to taste whipped cream?

In the park of the Château de Chantilly

The restaurant Le Hameau
Birthplace of Chantilly cream! Treat yourself with strawberries or raspberries, fruit tart, ice cream, all accompanied by a generous whipped cream.

03 44 57 46 21

In the city

The Chantilly workshop
With rose, honey, chocolate, orange blossom, in cabbage or Pavlova... Succumb to the charm of this cream!

Learn how to mount whipped cream at the workshop!
Every day from Tuesday to Sunday at 6 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m., by reservation. Duration: 1h15.
Terms: group of at least 4 people. If the quota is not reached, you will join a workshop already made up of at least 4 people.

48 rue du constable 60500 Chantilly
03 44 54 65 24


Chantilly Glaces Trueba – Indispensable since 1930!

Try the delicious homemade ice cream with whipped cream, treat yourself to a nice warm and crispy waffle or take a small pot of whipped cream with you!

Find them around the Château and the Grandes Écuries, at the ponds of Commelles, at major events and all over the territory with their pretty melody!

Tel: 03 44 57 05 31

Tel: 06 73 73 81 72 (orders and deliveries)

Take part in a whipped cream workshop

“La Confrérie des Chevaliers Chantilly Cream Whippers” teaches you how to whip up real whipped cream at the Château de Chantilly! Whisk by hand of course, taste... and leave with your diploma! The brotherhood of whipping knights is there to promote this historical and culinary heritage.

06 07 09 77 36

The Cotignacs of the arenas

Made from quince, Cotignac was already used to enhance feasts in the Middle Ages and was very popular during the Renaissance, moreover François 1st loved it! Taste this confectionery at Yvon BERTHELOT who has brought this specialty up to date by planting 19 quince trees in the arenas of Senlis. With its spruce box with the effigy of the arenas of the 1st century, a gourmet souvenir easy to take away!

Berthelot Chocolates
7 Place de la Halle 60300 Senlis
03 44 71 14 10

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