Welcome to the craziest of theme parks!

Venture into the heart of the famous village and taste the joys of a Gaulish life: enter the Roman Empire and join the legion or witness the prowess of our proud legionnaires in the Arena; delve into ancient Greek mythology; put your courage to the test by facing the Vikings and travel through time by walking through the streets of Paris from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

20 km from Chantilly, Parc Astérix combines humor, friendliness, sharing and authenticity to fill up on good humor with the family!
An explosive mix of 50 attractions and shows, all staged in settings inspired by comic books. From the village elder to the Gaulish apprentice, everyone will have their dose of sensations!

Toutatis_20230316_0052_R (c) Sylvain Cambon int

New in 2023:
The TOUTATIS festival

Explore the new 3 hectare area! This family area offers a unique attraction, a family attraction, a playground, a restaurant and a shop.

Discover new sensations with the Toutatis" roller coaster of all records!
Located in the Gallic world of the Park with a height of 51 metres and a speed of 110km/h, the highest and fastest roller coaster in France !


The attractions

For the intrepid

The Big 8: OZIRIS, a 2min 30 course with accelerations of 90 km/h and GOUDURIX, an impressive roller coaster and its 7 breathtaking loops!

Roller coasters : TONNERRE 2 ZEUS, a wooden roller coaster that rises to a height of 30m and propels our visitors at 80km/h on a vertiginous course and LA TRACE DU HOURRA, for a 900m long descent at 60km/h!

Sensations : With LES CHAISES VOLANTES lose the north at more than 10m high! LA GALERE takes you into the storm and the raging sea.

Oziris ©H. Cussot

For families

Enchanted walks: LA RIVIERE D'ELIS or an aquatic promenade with a Mediterranean decor, the CAROUSSEL DE CESAR, the EPIDEMAIS CRISIERE or even NATIONALE 7 for a gentle moment.

Emotions : ATTENTION MENHIR! an unforgettable 4DX experience, THE TROY HORSE and its "flying carpet", THE LITTLE STORM, at the mercy of the waves at breakneck speed, SOS NUMEROBIS, AERODYNAMIX and the HORSES OF THE KING, THE LITTLE DRAKKARS for intense memories.

Sensations : PEGASE EXPRESS, a high-speed journey, DISCOBELIX, a disc that will make you spin at full speed, LE FLIGHT D'ICARUS, a family roller coaster, THE LERNE HYDRA dizzying attraction in the tentacles of a 7-headed monster! LA ROUND DES RONDINS, a rollercoaster as high as three apples, THE OXYGENARIUM and its giant buoys on a 195m toboggan, ROMUS AND RAPIDUS for an exciting moment filled with sensations

Like the adults: MENHIR EXPRESS, for those who dream of helping Obélix deliver his menhirs! Beware of eddies, whirlpools and the final 13m drop! LE GRAND SPLATCH, splashes guaranteed during this walk filled with aquatic effects!

For the little ones


The Druid Forest: a real relaxation stopover for the little ones: slides in tree trunks, giant mushrooms to climb, echo cave...


“Hands down on the Mona Lisa”… the heist of the century!

Explosions, pursuits, acrobatics… Eight actor-stuntmen including an actress trapeze artist perform 30 minutes of stunts and special effects in a setting beyond the measure of the show.

Gauls – Romans: The match

In a revamped arena, Gauls and Romans compete to offer you the match of the year. 3 physical tests crazier than each other will follow one another for your greatest pleasure. The stake: definitive freedom or defeat. A fabulous and exclusive show in HD (Haut Délire)!

Magic Panoramix

Enter the laboratory of Panoramix, druid of the tribe of the irreducible Gauls and live with him the experience of potions and illusion. Humor and magic guaranteed.

The Asterix adventure ©S. cambon

Useful information

For which audience?

Parc Astérix is for all ages.

8 attractions for the more adventurous
22 family attractions
14 attractions for the little Gauls

A few route ideas based on your profile:

For people with reduced mobility:

A passage facility is offered on presentation of the disability card at 80%, access to attractions is generally through the exits. Ask at reception for the special guide for people with disabilities, it will help you throughout your day. The number of accompanying persons is limited.


From 30 September to 15 October
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thusday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Open from 10h à 18h
Sunday Open from 10h à 18h

Extended opening hours on 7 and 14 October until 10 pm

From 23 October to 05 November
Monday Open from 10h à 18h
Tuesday Open from 10h à 18h
Wednesday Open from 10h à 18h
Thusday Open from 10h à 18h
Friday Open from 10h à 18h
Saturday Open from 10h à 18h
Sunday Open from 10h à 18h

Nocturne: Fear in the Park from 9 am to 6 pm and 7 pm to 1 am on 21, 28, 29, 30, 31 October and 4 November.

From 23 December to 07 January
Monday Open from 11h à 19h
Tuesday Open from 11h à 19h
Wednesday Open from 11h à 19h
Thusday Open from 11h à 19h
Friday Open from 11h à 19h
Saturday Open from 11h à 19h
Sunday Open from 11h à 19h


Child rate 51 €
Adult rate 59 €

Free for children under 3 years !

  • Parking 6,500 spaces: €20 per vehicle
  • All detailed prices HERE



Asterix Park
A1 motorway

Calculer mon itinéraire

From Chantilly

  • Join the A1 motorway at La Chapelle en Serval, direction PARIS.
  • Park entrance, between exit 7 and exit 8

From Paris

  • Join the A1 motorway, direction LILLE.
  • Park entrance, between exit 7 and exit 8

Shuttle bus from Paris to Parc Astérix

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