Situated 45km from Paris, Senlis cathedral is one of the smallest cathedrals in France (70m long with a vaulted ceiling of 24m)! Built over four centuries, it is a perfect example of the evolution of the Gothic style from primitive to radiant.

Built on the site of older sanctuaries under the impetus of Bishop Peter, Senlis Cathedral evolved many times over the centuries: work began in 1151 and was not completed until 1560 with the northern façade. In 1504, lightning struck the roof structure, setting the building on fire and causing the vaults to collapse. Louis XII and François I put their hands on the purse to rebuild the upper parts by raising them by 6 m, doubling the aisles of the nave and adorning the side façades with a very rich flamboyant decoration. The restoration continued until 1515, with the addition of the Sacred Heart Chapel in 1671 and the neo-classical decoration of the choir in 1777.

With its portal of the Virgin, a masterpiece of 12th century Gothic sculpture, its remarkable south tower, of 13th century Gothic architecture, its transept facades, both of late Gothic, Notre-Dame de Senlis takes place among the most beautiful cathedrals in France!

Special feature: it houses the relic of the jawbone of Saint-Rieul. An essential figure in local history, the first Bishop of Senlis was the evangelizer of Gaul in the 3rd century and gave his name to many monuments. Coming to meditate on his tomb, Clovis, the first Christian king, wanted to leave with some memories. The bishops consent to extract a tooth from the jawbone, which miraculously begins to bleed. Never mind, Clovis leaves with the tooth. But when he wanted to leave the city, the doors closed by themselves to bar his passage.


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