Do you already think you know everything about Senlis?
You will be surprised by all that these guided tours will reveal to you!

Saturday 15 June at 3pm: Gallo-Roman temple in the Halatte forest and the village of St Frambourg

Meet at Place Darras in Villers Saint Frambourg, the starting point for a short walk (approx. 30 mins) to the ruins of the Gallo-Roman temple at Ognon.
Our tour guide will tell you all about the history of this prophylactic sanctuary, before returning to the village of Villers Saint Frambourg for a brief history of the commune.

RDV Place Darras, Villers Saint Frambourg.
Mandatory reservation. Bring good shoes. Payment on site in cash (make up the balance) or by cheque made payable to Chantilly Senlis Tourisme.

Sundays 30 June (SOLD OUT) and 13 October, Saturday 7 September at 3pm : The hidden treasures of Senlis

Usually closed places open especially for you!
Our speaker takes you on a discovery of a heritage that is not always visible, but very present.

On the program: Gardens and private buildings, buildings closed to the public, non-visitable parts of the cathedral...

Reservation required (limited number of places).

Sunday 3 November at 3pm: In the footsteps of Séraphine

Follow in the footsteps of Séraphine with a visit to her paintings at the Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie and a stroll through the town.

Walk past the artist's house and immerse yourself in the scenes from Martin Provost's 7 César-winning film "Séraphine", by visiting the filming locations.

Booking is recommended.

Useful information

  • Booking is recommended (limited number of places) at
  • Tickets and departures at 3:00 p.m. of our Senlis office, place Notre-Dame (except for the visit to Raray Castle)
  • Prices per visit: 9 euros per person and 7 euros per person for under 16s and over 60s.

Weezevent ticket office

Our advice

Book your ticket online to be sure to have a seat!
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Here are some themes that will make your mouth water. :

  • “The hidden treasures of Senlis”: Are you curious to know what is hidden behind the high gates of private properties? Our guide invites you to discover it! Beautiful surprises await you: gardens, cellars and places to which only our guide has the key!
  • “Senlis, fortified town”: Cross the centuries with our lecturer to witness the evolution of the city's fortifications, from the Gallo-Roman wall to the wall of Philippe-Auguste, and understand the need to protect oneself from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.
  • "In the footsteps of Seraphine" : Let yourself be carried away by the madness of this endearing and original character, through his life and his works. Browse the filming locations of the film “aux 7 Césars” in the city and admire its resplendent colorful paintings.
  • “Walk along the Nonette”: Go in search of this famous "seaside architecture" and discover the use of the river, which has shaped the urban landscape of Senlis for centuries.
  • “How Senlis became Senlis”: City of more than 2000 years of history, from the park of the Royal Castle to the Quartier de Bon Secours, discover the history of the architecture of Senlis from the Roman period to the contemporary period. Visit for good walkers!
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