A theatre festival, one of the oldest in France, that attracts over 6,000 spectators every May for more than 15 days, with plays that are often very demanding, is something that doesn't happen very often.

When they created the Festival in 1982, a handful of enthusiasts, including Claude Domenech and Jean-François Gabillet, driven by the desire to bring theatre in all its forms to the widest possible audience, had no idea that over forty years and some eight hundred and forty performances later, audiences would still be coming to the theatre, as enthusiastic and eager to discover new things as ever.

Today, it's clear that this determination and passion are intact, and that the Festival is still a success. They owe this success to all of you, spectators, actors, directors, musicians, technicians and partners, but also to all those who, since 1982, have worked to organise the Festival and given their time and expertise, knowing how to combine freedom of spirit with artistic success and the rigour needed to guarantee the long-term future of such an event.

From the Festival's inception :
- more than 589 shows, 835 performances, 169,477 spectators...
Every year for almost 3 weeks in May :
- over 6,000 spectators,
- some fifteen shows selected from over 200 seen each year by the programming team,
- more than 20 performances...

Find out all about the programme for the 43rd edition of the festival:

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