The “Senlis makes its theater” FestivalIn early April, in the historic heart of Senlis. Aimed at a family audience, this festival is unique in that it offers amateur and professional performances in a variety of genres in the heart of Senlis' heritage, in venues that are not all predestined to host live entertainment.

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of theatre! With the participation of professional and amateur companies, art comes to life in the city's most unexpected settings!

From the bustling streets of the market to the prestigious halls of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, via the timeless charm of the grounds of the Royal Castle, let yourself be transported by captivating shows and breathtaking performances.

Thanks to generous partners such as the association "Le Festival théâtral de Coye-la-Forêt" and the Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie, which promotes and gives access to the magic of theatre.

From Thursday 4 April, there will be a variety of events and shows, including "Pinocchio's first steps" at the cinema, and theatrical improvisations at the media library and the Prieuré St Maurice by the companies A tout va! and Sud Oise Impro.

Then, from 5 to 7 April, delve into the great classics revisited, from the tales of Maupassant to the epic Beauty and the Beast, via Nerval's poetic adventures in the land of the muses.

Find out more about the programme for the 13th edition of the festival:

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