In the Grandes Écuries of the Château de Chantilly

The show arena, located in the dome of the Grandes Écuries, is 13 meters in diameter. This is a significant difficulty for horses and riders because this classic circus track is very small to make horses evolve!

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There are two major creations a year under the majestic dome of the Grandes Ecuries, the first from April to October and the second for Christmas from December to January. Young and old let yourself be carried away by the magic of equestrian shows, a unique moment...


AdultReduced price
show alone24€ 19€
Castle + show 30€ 24€
These tickets also give access to the Horse Museum. Reduced price for: children aged 3-17, students, PMR + 1 accompanying person, job seekers, RSA, single parent allowance, minimum old age, FFE member, Friends of the Louvre Museum.

Horse riding events

The equestrian activities reveal the techniques that allow riders to teach horses to perform Haute-École airs such as the piaffe, the passage or equestrian fantasies such as the Spanish step.

A minimum of three years are required to prepare a horse for the show. An education in the rules of the art where the horse is "worked", that is to say trained and educated, daily. Horses are encouraged to develop movements for which their natural talent has been detected. 
Every day, they go out into the forest for a walk to relax or get in shape and sometimes even for work sessions in a green environment thanks to the 120 kilometers of wide tracks of the galloping training center in the forest. layout by France Galop.
The well-being of the horse is the primary concern of the Grandes Écuries team. They are cared for by a team of veterinarians, osteopaths, dentists, masseurs... The ponies and donkeys graze daily on the lawn of the Grandes Écuries.

Every summer, each horse goes on vacation to take a break in the pasture. Thus pampered, each horse, a sociable animal, establishes a real relationship of trust with its rider. » Sophie Bienaime

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Practical information : The equestrian activities last 30 min. Included in the visit to the Château and the Great Stables at no extra charge. They usually take place at 2:30 p.m. or 4:30 p.m.

In the largest stables in Europe...

The Great Stables of Chantilly were built between 1719 and 1740 by Jean Aubert at the request of the Prince of Condé, Louis Henri de Bourbon. Legend has it that the Prince, convinced of being reincarnated as a horse, had majestic stables built, hoping to stay there in another life. In reality, he wanted to build huge stables for his hunting crews. Thus 240 horses and 500 hounds were housed in the stables. The impressive architecture, both in terms of its dimensions and the sculpted decoration, was already admired by all.

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Military barracks, equestrian circle, the Great Stables have always been occupied by horses, which has allowed the preservation of the buildings.
For over 30 years, the Living Museum of the Horse has occupied the Grandes Écuries. Performances of equestrian shows make the Dôme a magical place once again!

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