My name is Pierre Huvet and I am a hatter.

I didn't know that my "thing" was the hat. It almost fell on me.
I have never been passionate about fashion, I had never sewn in my life. And yet, one day, when I was looking for a nice hat, and unable to find one, I decided to make it myself. Without knowing it I put my finger in a gear...
And that's how, after three years of research, self-taught learning, improvement, I make my own hats. They are all unique. All made with the same desire to produce a piece that is out of the ordinary, that creates panache. It is by studying the hatter's lost knowledge that I design, for you, a hat that is both traditional and in tune with the times.
Seeing my creations worn with conviction and standing out from the crowd is an accomplishment for me.
Dare the hat. Wear an Oddchap.


From 01 January to 31 December
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