Nicole Toone is a mosaic decorator, funerary art, tombstone, stele, internship and mosaic course, intervention in schools, Showroom Workshop.

Mosaicist is above all a job of passion, of patience, which allows you to create endlessly according to your inspiration.
It is a means of artistic expression that she continues to explore, assembling the most diverse materials, playing with colors, marrying matte and gloss.

The field of mosaic application is vast... There are so many possibilities, as there are a multitude of materials with a wide choice of colors. Thus, at the request of professionals and individuals, she creates decorations for the house, friezes for house facades, signs for shops...".


  • Children's workshops

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From 01 January to 31 December
Monday Open from 10h à 17h
Tuesday Open from 10h à 17h
Wednesday Open from 10h à 17h
Thusday Open from 10h à 17h
Friday Open from 10h à 17h
Saturday Open from 10h à 19h
Sunday Open from 10h à 19h

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