M comme Miel produces local, responsible, high-quality honey.
Beekeeper Jean-Baptiste Vial shares his passion for bees, nature and ecology by producing a number of exceptional honeys. He is keen to promote the rich local natural heritage and to help support bees and their benefits for our environment.
His 80 beehives are located around Lamorlaye, Senlis and Chantilly, where he has set up his honey factory.
It operates the entire production, extraction and potting chain itself locally.
The bees are fed nectar from the flowers of the Oise - Pays de France Regional Nature Park and the Chantilly forest in particular (lime, acacia, summer and spring honeys).
Thanks to a partnership with a local farmer, it also produces buckwheat honey that is much appreciated by gourmets and chefs alike.
The products are distributed under the brand names "M comme Miel" and "Le rucher d'à coté":
-at the beekeeper's, by appointment, at 52 avenue de Gouvieux 60260 Lamorlaye
-at "L'Instant Miels et Saveurs", 101 rue du Connétable 60500 Chantilly
-at the "Nos Graines nos Pains" bakery, 28 rue du Général Leclerc 60260 Lamorlaye

M comme Miel also offers companies and local authorities in the south of the Oise region a wide range of partnerships and events based around bees and honey.