Artist Painter/Painter Sculptor and Collagist in PARIS, registered at the Maison des Artistes under the N° d'ordre G787417 and at the Urssaf Artiste Auteur N° Siret : 49317142500058
Associate member of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts (Paris) and member of the Taylor Foundation (Paris).
Member of the Société Académique Arts Sciences Lettres de Paris (Bronze and Pewter Medals and Silver Medal in 2023).
Member of the Arts et Lettres en Belgique Francophone
Creator of the Totem en Frontal concept.

Since 2 July 2023, Éditions des Musées et de la Culture and the Jury Committee of the 2nd World Day of Artistic Styles have awarded her the Grand Trophée du Style 2023 as the Winner of the Prize.
The Société académique Arts Sciences Lettres de Paris has awarded him the silver medal (Painting category) for 2023.
Creator of the TOTEM EN FRONTAL concept
The artist's creative path is the fruit of over 20 years of etno-pictorial research, and she has developed a new artistic concept of the TOTEM in FRONTAL. She creates a palette of colours: warm or cold, depending on the theme, and uses polymorphisms, imagery, cuneiforms, etc., inviting the viewer to question the transitory and fragile nature of human beings, vanished civilisations and our planet. The artist's approach is intended to be universalist, in space (the Earth) and in time (time scale: past, present, future), in which Man (spinal column) is at the heart of the action, of the creation of his future, in a concern for the development of civilisation over time (cartouche: opening onto the world). The Totem in Frontal is the witness of a timeless message of civilisation on the future of Man and our planet.
The artist also regularly creates Deco Design works for themed exhibitions and wooden paintings and sculptures.

The artist's works have been exhibited for about twenty years in many countries Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Portugal... England, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada (Montreal / Quebec) and Toronto (Ontario), in international contemporary art fairs, art festivals or in art galleries, she is also present in private collections.
Recent awards won by the artist :
- Grand Trophy of the Mediterranean of Styles and Arts (2019) -EDMC
- Grand Trophy of Art and Style in San Remo, Italy (2019)Edit. Europe
- Grand Trophée International des Styles artistiques de Monte Carlo/MONACO for abstraction and artistic research on the concept of the Totem in Frontal (2020)
- 1st Prize for Painting for the technique, quality and creativity of the works (2022)
- 2nd World Artistic Styles Day: Grand Style Trophy (2023)
- Awards 2023 Société Académique Arts Sciences et Lettres: Silver Medal

Participation en tant qu'artiste peintre au Salon Printemps des Arts organisé par l'association Art et Amitié qui aura lieu du 29 Mai au 2 juin 2024 à l'Espace Saint-Pierre Place St Pierre 60300 SENLIS. Plus de 400 oeuvres seront exposées par les artistes ( peintres, sculpteurs ,dessinateurs, photographes, plasticiens...)
Ouverture au public de l'espace: de 11h à 19h- Entrée libre.


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