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Stroll on these ramparts which have seen the centuries go by! The construction of the ramparts began under the reign of Philippe Auguste and was completed around 1285-1288. Many towers lined this line of defence, the tower of the "Game of Arc" located between Montauban and the rampart of the hostages is the only witness. Wide and deep ditches surround the fortifications, which, to the south, are fed by La Nonette, a diverted and developed river, which forms a line of water at the foot of the ramparts. The medieval enclosure resisted many sieges, in particular during the Hundred Years War, in 1918 and during the troubles of the League. Today you can walk the old defensive line that delimits the old historic center. The ramparts of Escalade, Saint-Vincent, Bellevue, the Passage des Carmes as well as the rampart of Montauban will offer you an unexpected view of the city on one side and on the other over flower gardens, vegetable gardens, meadows and the Nonette which still flows near the foundations!


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