Every week, Deux pas de côté offers new personalised itineraries, featuring remarkable sites, naturalist observations and simple activities to enrich our attention. We also offer tailor-made discoveries for individuals and professionals: for a weekend away, a birthday, or for team-building, incentive and CSR activities.

Have you ever walked on the sands of Ermenonville, amongst the ferns, pines and hundred-year-old oaks? Have you ever sought out the springs of Halatte when the beech trees magnify the autumn? Can you see the frost glistening in the forest of Chantilly, when the ponds sparkle under a blue sky?

Why not explore the "Three Forests", the enchanting plains and valleys surrounding Senlis and Chantilly; blend in with their symphony of colours and birds; read history in these landscapes; tame the footsteps of foxes, woodpeckers and deer...

Romain will be your guide. Ever since he was a child, the forests that surround him have been an inexhaustible source of wonder, a learning ground and a special place to recharge your batteries.

Twenty years' experience in journalism, project management and teaching in the fields of ecology, personal development and creativity have led him to offer a range of activities designed to help people discover ecosystems and our resources in a sensitive way.


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