The Oise - Pays de France Regional Nature Park is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. With over 1,000 km of footpaths, GR and PR trails, hiking is an excellent way to discover the region's heritage and take a deep breath of fresh air!

Below are the cycling routes proposed by the PNR Oise Pays de France :

You can also download the Mountain Bike hiking sheets below:

These brochures are also available free of charge from the Tourist Office.

From Chantilly   
Connect Chantilly and Senlis along the Nonette to discover the surprising little heritage of our countryside (washhouses, mills, etc.).

From Luzarches
For a stroll to discover the countryside of the Pays de France and its royal abbey of Royaumont.

In the forest of Ermenonville   
For a stroll through the Ermenonville forest and the beautiful villages that border it, with a break to visit the romantic site of the Chaalis estate.

In the Halatte Forest 
A woodland trail around the village of Fleurines, in the shade of tall beech trees. And to discover a Gallo-Roman temple hidden in the heart of the forest. 

Worth noting...

These hikes are done by mountain bike (or easy mountain bike) under your responsibility. These routes take place on paths that can be muddy and on small roads where you must respect the regulations. Equip yourself with a helmet and be careful. Ride carefully to take the few puddles and ruts gently. Avoid driving on the grassy sides of paths to preserve their biodiversity.

And do not forget the application “Oise Park Hike” to have all the routes in your pocket!