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Visits 2022:

Saturday October 8 at 3 p.m.

“Guided tour of the Château de Raray”

Classified as a historical monument, this castle has seen its architecture evolve over the centuries. Known for its hunting gallery and its 17th century castle, the property which houses the golf course reveals towards the woods a pretty door sculpted with a majestic unicorn called the "Red Door".

In the courtyard a strange carved decoration welcomes you representing hunting scenes, which was the passion of all the owners of these places.

Raray Castle brought its poetry to the famous film "Beauty and the Beast" by Jean Cocteau who fell in love with the place.

Mandatory reservation.
Meet in front of the entrance gate of the Château de Raray.
Visit of the exteriors of the Château only.

Sunday October 9 at 3 p.m.

“In the footsteps of Kings and Queens in Senlis”

Senlis, a royal city, has been shaped by kings and queens throughout history. Chosen land of Hugues Capet, birthplace of the Capetian dynasty, Senlis has not been forgotten… Each generation has brought its stone to the town.

Sunday November 13 at 3 p.m.

"The First World War in Senlis"

Senlis in August 1914 is a small garrison town and a sub-prefecture, far from the German border and behind the defenses of the East, it could believe itself safe from the first blows of the enemy.
On August 1, 1914 at 5 p.m. the general mobilization order was brought to the town hall, the tocsin was sounded at the cathedral.
After a cannon bombardment aimed at the Cathedral on 2
September, Senlis (open town) suffered the German invasion with incredible savagery: houses burned, civilians shot, including Mayor Odent, women and children used as human shields against the French and English forces.
Before the German retreat on September 6, Senlis witnessed incredible looting (stores, houses, cellars, etc.).
A visit through the city retracing the suddenly upset life of the Senlisiens.

Useful information

  • Booking is recommended (limited number of places) at
  • Tickets and departures at 3:00 p.m. of our Senlis office, place Notre-Dame (except for the visit to Raray Castle)
  • Prices per visit: 9 euros per person and 7 euros per person for under 16s and over 60s.

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Here are some themes that will make your mouth water. :

  • “The hidden treasures of Senlis”: Are you curious to know what is hidden behind the high gates of private properties? Our guide invites you to discover it! Beautiful surprises await you: gardens, cellars and places to which only our guide has the key!
  • “Senlis, fortified town”: Cross the centuries with our lecturer to witness the evolution of the city's fortifications, from the Gallo-Roman wall to the wall of Philippe-Auguste, and understand the need to protect oneself from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.
  • "In the footsteps of Seraphine" : Let yourself be carried away by the madness of this endearing and original character, through his life and his works. Browse the filming locations of the film “aux 7 Césars” in the city and admire its resplendent colorful paintings.
  • “Walk along the Nonette”: Go in search of this famous "seaside architecture" and discover the use of the river, which has shaped the urban landscape of Senlis for centuries.
  • “How Senlis became Senlis”: City of more than 2000 years of history, from the park of the Royal Castle to the Quartier de Bon Secours, discover the history of the architecture of Senlis from the Roman period to the contemporary period. Visit for good walkers!
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